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tp at rm2 right?
3 days · translate
alamak, went down pulak, it was super bull on momentym ke?
4 days · translate
hsseb also went very2 down b4 its exdate.
hopefully good news to all believers of leesk.
4 days · translate
i thought entitlements will cause the price to go down, like senfong one.
4 days · translate
ytl bought this too cheap.
maybe should wait till price stable 1st then re-enter,perhaps?
1 week · translate
yup. but superstrong FA too.
1 week · translate
analyst tah mana tah kata boleh increase TP from 315 to 325? tak sempat 305 pun dah pullback byk. haih sikat kutu ni laaa.
2 weeks · translate
i pun rasa tgh tunggu volume masa nk BO.byk dah test resistance
3 weeks · translate
alamak, i been meaning to enter since b4 puasa but then totally forget.
missed the collecting period.
3 weeks · translate
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