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but Derrick.. from the annual report fye2023, it was mentioned that none of the directors have any relationship with any directors and/or major shareholders of the co
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not to comment further... just man up n be responsible to whatever u chose to buy.
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u only listen when he call to buy? he also asked u to wait and not to panic.. these u ignore?
2 days · translate
shame on u Mahza.... who would have known the share price will drop lower than the price he entered, as long as his TP is above rm1... and if u can't wait, cut loss and don't blame others. if every counter he commented will shoot up within a min, all his followers don't have to use brain.
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up to you Mahza. I support Derrick's view n I'm still queuing for this.
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Derrick 0023... isn't it too late to enter now?
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ngo mei mai..... gei si wui fat lek ah?
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Chill guys..... trying hard? Calvin is not here to impress anyone. KFC money is just a humble way of him to express his satisfaction of his earning. he can't be telling the whole world that he has earn bungalows or lamborghini. like it or not, he has every right to give his 2 cents. not happy, just move on and its rude to tell people to get lost. Don't forget, you are commenting under his thread.
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谢谢Calvin!!.... hehe
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