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Trust Your Own Setup!!

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Those who able to get cheapest ticket just now,Well Played!
This stock mostly control with IB and not such a stupid shark able to easily manipulate.
Such a bad news,price drop(consider as discount price as well)
Know who own this Velesto,then u will know how to trade and win.
Meanwhile,Take a look on current global oil might be interesting in mid term.
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This one consider cheap ticket if u wish to join the boat.
Do study and proper trading plan before put money on this stock.
All the best!!
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Hi @Kim
With current price fallen,it may go to 0.550~0.600 area(Weekly Trendline) n current RST area at 0.790.
If price cont drop,the last support will be 0.410 ~0.450 area.
Since Daily Uptrend broke,consider to follow Weekly Uptrend Trend Line.
If you notice candle keep created lower low ,avoid 1st. Once u see candle break higher High(Consider to in again without broke previous low candle)
As long know the support and RST,u will be safe.
For Warrant,almost exp.
Better have plan when to exit.
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@koo Kelvin
In trading,no "HOPE" word to apply.
Just follow and stick to your trading plan.
Do Not Against it.
Trend is your FRIEND.
If you try to against TREND,u will learn it later.
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Hi Guys..
If some of u got follow my free comment from 3 cent till Rm1,this is the best ride ever. at lease 100% above your ROI.
As current price,The price already broke uptrend.
I Do mention on my previous comment here,Please make proper plan on this stock.
I hope,no one of u stuck at higher level,base on history chart,it may take week/month before price cont up to Rm1 again.
Pray the best for all of u here..
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Look like,it continue create lower Low.
As mention in above msg(3days ago).
Price surge called as REBOUND.
If seller pressure still high,price might to 0.520(Weekly Trendline) area & Rebound. Fail to do so mean uptrend already BROKE,the next price would be 0.400 area.
You use Trend Line/Fibo/SnR to trade any stock.Don cincai Buy if you not sure,will burn easily your money,Unless you are Long Term Investor(Drop is MONEY)
Hope can help provide u some info.
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you may use indicator suitable with u.
Rsi below 30 doesn't mean buy confirmation.
Lower may created lower Low, Higher may created Higher High.
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Additional Info:
As today price sudden surge,it may call rebound. But not yet have any confirmation to BUY.
Open Daily Chart,draw some Trend line,you may see yesterday candle already broke trend line after HnS formed.
Take a look on Indicator MACD or any indi,still not show any signal to BUY.
Take a look on Weekly Candle(Today),and you may got the answer too.
Remember,Yourself is Sifu/Teacher.
Trust on your Setup and Trading Plan will do.
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Dnex just broke upper uptrend which is level 0.800 area. Hence,iF continue fall,then the next level suppose to be 0.560 area follow by 0.420 area.
But,If buyer come back and push,and price maintain above 0.80(with support 0.790),then we may see another new high.
Again,Dnex start to push from 0.20 cent to Rm1+(Before SILTERA Confirmation).
Price always move 1st before any news come out.
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Got do remind and free sharing here.
So,does who stuck at high level,pray the best for u.
If cant hold,CL and move other.
Penny will be always penny.
Do proper plan on your trading will do.
Always refer to big time frame,weekly and Monthly.
Do Not gambling base on your feeling.
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