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Let them sleep enough.. Once they wake up.. I hope they jump to the sky..
23 hours · translate
I am not enter this stock.. I think u are dead fool
2 weeks · translate
That is why I am asking u MTN ur EP? It is not a about me.. Dont be fool as well.. Iol.....
2 weeks · translate
OK...your average EP? We'll see your smtm can achieve or not
2 weeks · translate
Kikikik... IoI...... BTW what is ur tp MTN?
2 weeks · translate
2 weeks · translate
3 weeks · translate
0.30 rally pleaseee
4 weeks · translate
Go go minetec
4 weeks · translate
Dia biasalah.. Tu je keje dia.. Mgkin frust cut loss byk sgt dgn minetec
1 month · translate
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