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Holding power for this stock
2 months · translate
Next month letupp
2 months · translate
Ni kaunter sudah mati... Full stop
5 months · translate
Yes please drop to 0.05 then go to PN17
6 months · translate
Aiyaa rugi terukk
7 months · translate
Jumaat lepas dah beli
7 months · translate
Ini stock saya sudah cakap hold je...memang boleh pergi jauh... Tapi kalau tak berani sila jual cepat...
8 months · translate
This company can go far u know.. PP takes time as it will on going until end of this year... If you have patience please wait until kebabommm
8 months · translate
Q 0.260 la.. Bawah pada tu payah dah.. Mpay nak terbang jauh lagi..
8 months · translate
Ji bet.. Why I need to hide? .. I already sold it at 2 bid profit..i think u have lose a lot of money in metronic..that is why u become like this.. Frustration makes u mocking people..
10 months · translate
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