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Kossan 没有is bosan 了。变了过山-车。哈哈
1 week · translate
Wise words from u Bro.
Anyway, I don't have bad intentions ok
As I said I also will lose my job if MCO again but we must always be prepared for the worst
Of course today's glove stocks rocketing is something for us to rejoice
2 weeks · translate
Haha don't have to take it so seriously.
I also will lose my job if MCO again.
2 weeks · translate
MCO! 手套股!MCO!手套股!
2 weeks · translate
Waiting for MCO announcement then gloves will rocket
2 weeks · translate
Bosan to Holland
2 weeks · translate
Good luck Bro
Hope gloves will ? ? soon
2 weeks · translate
John, what level condo are u staying in? Lol
2 weeks · translate
Most bosan counter among the big 4 gloves
2 weeks · translate
Instead of lao sai king, i think call them 'The Ladies' better. Always "menstruating" untimely
1 month · translate
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