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Chua Kelvin

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清盘与否,真的跟你我没太大的关系, 不过投资必须理性的想,你辛苦赚来的钱,没有回报的东西你也投进去?什么支持.. 支持就每天跟AA买机票,送钱给他,然后不可以飞
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travel unlimited pass 是拿来套人的,以后出国游玩是个奢侈的梦。。 至于那些还梦想他会退钱给你们。。 就慢慢等
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a company can make loss/profit but it can't without cash to survive.. just admit that this company are bankrupt even though ticket refund money also can't return. whatever future or dream are fake.
1 week · translate
哇,你的成本价多少钱哦。。 hold 4年也不卖?
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3 weeks · translate
who told you future frontken.. ?
3 weeks · translate
cut loss cut loss.... no hope already
3 weeks · translate
cut loss liao , bye bye
3 weeks · translate
有什么消息? 有特别的吗?
4 weeks · translate
this stock too many resistance.. 0.1, 0.12, 0.135, 0.15.. really need patience
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