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already touch for second all time low.. if lower then that it will going more downward.. but if not it surely fly to the moon to meet india rocket
2 weeks · translate
then you wait until 0.005 then you buy
2 weeks · translate
now its time to fly
7 months · translate
joe hary mitronic warrant naik x lg
9 months · translate
dont worry other couple of weeks it will fly to the moon
1 year · translate
yakinnya kamu hebatnya kamu..
1 year · translate
sape hold warrant dari 0.025 smpai jadi 0.3 dapat 1200% kn betul x
1 year · translate
go go buy before late..
1 year · translate
sy nk jadi anak didik boleh tuan
1 year · translate
warrant mahal lg daripada mothershare...mtronic fly to the moon now
1 year · translate
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