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Hahaa. What will happen oil price reach 100 and Malaysia allow all business to open?
4 hours · translate
Printing sector slowly up already. You still want to keep at 2.70?
4 hours · translate
Coal price is high, I doubt their earning.
12 hours · translate
Alert alert. Oil price getting higher and higher. Like putin say may up to 100 per barrel.
3 days · translate
Bye bye, will coming back.
4 days · translate
What magic can reach rm1
5 days · translate
When ask you to buy, then actually plan to sell. Everyone buy in and help to push the price higher which will make more money. Then those who buy in will trap in the counter.
5 days · translate
Banyak susah.
1 week · translate
Go go HT. I also aim on Annjoo.
1 week · translate
In order to achive 90%, need to increase price to attract people to sell.
2 weeks · translate
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