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brita too good to be true. tapi tgh tnggu harga naik skit lag nh nk CL ha3
4 days · translate
u need to buy before exdate which is 23/7 if not mistaken
4 days · translate
EP .69 kelmarin, dh Tp 0.75, tp2 0.83 tap x brani nk tunggu lama2
1 week · translate
arvind kicap menyalak lag ha3 so in denial. like i said bearish signal bukn black signal
3 weeks · translate
Arvind only racist with u paria since u like to curse people. so your already rich ask people to hold like gambling without any basis
3 weeks · translate
arvind the idiot too excited making his first profit ha3. now can start cursing people after his first profit
4 weeks · translate
arvind rk ha3, why is it your first profit after loss blackbear. you still dont know to read signal i guess
4 weeks · translate
dh ad signal, esk jual lh. akan start bearish
4 weeks · translate
kim low with this uncertainty leverage is not good option. company earning is in questions, if go thru their annual report past few years u will see and compare each year u will notice something. u can enter once they solve the issue, when the trendline is bullish. oil price going up sapnrg still at the same price
1 month · translate
those who bought high should know when to cutloss not leverage. looks like u never learn from another counter that having nonstop -ve news
1 month · translate
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