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this is a day trade counter. hit and run.
2 years · translate
still have buying interest at 0.08
2 years · translate
up 23% ..not bad.. operator not out yet
2 years · translate
lost some money and we leaned something. don't lost some money and become a hater ...
2 years · translate
the first factory can have 6 lines
2 years · translate
a man like you will never excel in live.. are you a teacher.. you talk everyone just listen?
2 years · translate
KLSE Master has no business knowledge.
AT profit is about 13% of total revenue.
Astro profit is about 14 % of total revenue.
So Astro is as bad as AT?
2 years · translate
AT don't make profit talk, AT make profit also talk... just for the sake of talking.. do you know who i refer to? the KLSE Master.. like to give free advice in every counter he commented..
2 years · translate
hahaha Malaysia 股神, Atos up 18% now. $9.50.. told u at $5.3.. 6 trading days.
next time don't be smart As.. talk 3 talk 4 like Share Master.
u don't need to waste your time to answer.. i am busy now.. haha..
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Chin lua, agreed with your last sentence. KLSE is no longer a place for mid or long investment. There are many better market place for investment . Technical / Fundamental analysis can only apply in a few counters. The rest are "hoot9e" or "all in" day trading counters..
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