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Khor Chee Wee> don’t break your Crystal Ball ya
5 hours · translate
Khor Chee Wee> 0.98 already now . So when will it drop till bankrupt?
9 hours · translate
Khor Chee Buy Wee, saved it to yourself, see ppl earn money , sour grape are you
6 days · translate
>Khor Chee Wee, I bought at 0.78, do you know what day you?
1 week · translate
B for Bryan, your action has slapped those haters shitty mouth shut
1 week · translate
Rakuten no process fee. win liao
1 week · translate
Actually those AA haters, I want to ask you guys. Ppl like to buy AA , is it any problem to you guys ar? Ppl want to buy dip, chase high is ppl punya problems or opportunities, why you Haters cannot tahan is it?
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