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i dont think so majoriti wil vote for TRUMP hehehe
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The Ministry of Industry and Trade announced the termination of BOT Contract for Song Hau 2 Thermal Power Project
-The Ministry of Industry and Trade has just issued Document 4579/BCT-DL dated July 1, 2024, notifying Song Hau 2 Power Company Limited of the termination of the BOT Contract of Song Hau 2 Thermal Power Project.
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tian dong zheng 油股是周期性跟钢铁种植一样不适合长期持有 。大红花做了5变二,你除来看看其实他跟两年前的价格变动不大
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mint 现在是六月欧洲杯,七八月奥运会,基金经理也要放假。股市会有什么力??传统操作五六七淡月来的
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“As you know, durian plantations have a long gestation period of five to seven years before generating any cash flow. From this partnership, we can monetise some of our early investment,” he told reporters after the signing of a joint venture (JV).they JV at 2023 so u mst wait 2030
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world market traditional profit taking month is may june and july , plus euro cup and Olympic coming soon.
b patient until Ogos
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The Group Also Achieved a Profit AfTER TAX OF RM62 MILLION, 255% Compared with the preceding Quarter and 152% Higher Than The Corresponding Quarter In Fy2023. The Improved Profitability Factors In Gains from the Disposal of Excess Land.
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