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Buy Exxon or Chevon better. Malaysia retailer no power. Cannot fight against foreign or local institution
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This hibiscus very hard to play. Small investor kena cornered around. US ExxonMobil or Chevron much more easier to trade. Gave up on this share
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Will be buying today after lunch. Thanks for the cheap price guys
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They selling based on contract price. If the contract is signed on 2020 to deliver stock in 2022,means that the goods is sold in 2020 pricing. Same case, if the contract is signed on 2022 to deliver in 2024, means the goods obtained in 2024 will be paid according to 2022 price.
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Somebody also said harta will reach back rm15 but never happen also...
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Guess who's back? Back again? EPF's back! Tell a friend....
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No more roadblock
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Company change From I Power to Instacom, Instacom to Vivocom, and Vivocom to Vinvest in just 10 years timeline, and numerous right issues and share consolidation, this company are run by crooks and the minority shareholders are the poor waterfish in bursa.
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Epf selling again? Looks like they are the real loser after screwed by Jp Morgan in KLK
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