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I m an observer, in stealth mode...

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Possible qr out very soon...
12 hours · translate
kns... haha
16 hours · translate
me buy 0.53 sold 0.565 ok la
1 day · translate
ok la since dun lemme buy 2nd batch, then I will sell 1st batch, wait for opportunity
1 week · translate
haiya y no wait for my 2nd batch...
1 week · translate
1st batch completed, hope can buy 2nd batch tmr
1 week · translate
bro is not open market, is dbt
1 month · translate
bro I tink u shd change name to buywhatwinwhat laa...
1 month · translate
better use the rm10 to buy nasi lemak ayam
1 month · translate
No surprise, slowly going back to its owner.
1 month · translate
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