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Perhaps increase in selling price will make it tahan a bit
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悲哀,明明分离时是,1:1的。什么都比小岛多。就港口和吸资方面输人罢了。就变1:3。 请政客们和投票们醒醒吧。再不然小岛就骑在我们身上咯。
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check MSCI Global small cap indexes.
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dun give hope...
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看全图 大概如果在 0.37 出现真反弹,可能还有东西讲或看。哈哈。反之应该是要沉睡了。
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Good oil price, good profits, good QR.
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I dun see any reason it will fight. It need some time.
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Why you want to consider to buy this stock? Ask yourself.
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Don’t dream first.
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Silterra enter into a revenue agreement worth exceed 400M usd based on current translation. It is more than RM 1.6B
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