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this cauter only take investor money but not responsibility investor dem
1 day · translate
that true retail investment just put money but cannot get dividends
5 days · translate
hahaha burn my money hope Karim and grub enjoy hell life
6 days · translate
busted scammers
1 week · translate
beter declare bankruptcy beter ..I can accept lost money this scammer cauter..
1 week · translate
duck time for retail small investor
4 weeks · translate
kaki tipu semua org X suka temasuk family member
1 month · translate
memang Nama sebelum Muslim Pak Karim si Chong Wei ...
1 month · translate
that is no expansion for this cauter can open back money stil lose ..I can looking back my money hard work
2 months · translate
same to me friend
2 months · translate
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