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candidate for next kaunter above rm1
21 hours · translate
sold too early this morning.. sigh
Yesterday · translate
go go go mr jetson
Yesterday · translate
hahaha.. bertabahla rakan2 trader.. smtm je
4 days · translate
u know why? because when u asked, n people give u answer together with tips, u act belagak. dats y i delete the comment. not worth sharing with u.hahaha
1 week · translate
rs mcm hari raya kat sini..
1 week · translate
dahsyat.... skali napas je
1 week · translate
go go go kimlun wa
1 week · translate
mak dia mmg ada potensi, tp anak tu dh dkat sgt nk last day trading dia. aku masuk 0.010 jual 0.010 balik sbb xberani.haha.. anyway, gud luck guys
1 week · translate
tak fhm knp masih ada org beli. high risk taker btul kome ye.
2 weeks · translate
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