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Follow me and i will give u signal for earn money. I am not you financial advisor

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Dont worry just a period of correction and may i know what u average price of u AVI
14 hours · translate
Nope, because if u realize KLCI 大盘 is foing a correction because of overbrought so if this comming most stock market in Malaysia is on downtrend. With my view KLCI is now looking in tge end of overbrought and will have a reversal later and this will causes a lot of stock in malaysia lead to up
14 hours · translate
Today big whale collect the discount i smell something is comming soon...KLCI is making a nice reversal and i pretty sure big news will arrive in this 25 days before october 17
18 hours · translate
Follow me im sure u will be a rich guys someday just put messege to me on my FB jacky roy
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TA is tech analysis
21 hours · translate
TA give me confident, whale is nothing scare to me, im a scalper and this made me 500+followers and my TP is 0.19
21 hours · translate
Hey whale im not scare u because i know u just wanna shake out the weak hand
1 day · translate
0.12 last ....0.115maybe touch but will rebouce fast
1 day · translate
Because of klci is on a adjustmen period im give all counter a month to do it
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