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Jennifer , ur aim price
6 hours · translate
Shun tee lam, tq for ur view oso. Totally agree. invest ned see many aspect, sometimes asking view oso part of evaluation sometimes invest really lonely, so any decision making oso is own decision. No blame and extract. Tq for all experience sharing, I really appreciate
6 days · translate
OK, understood . Tq for ur views
6 days · translate
Philip, last time I remember the u say small tech like agmo fair value is pe30. So fair value can say is around 0.8. Over that consider extra bonus izit?
6 days · translate
Philip, last time agmo director add on around 0.7+. How much ur avg n volume u hold I think more than 1000lot?
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So only super lucky people can get
2 weeks · translate
Robert tq for ur info
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