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@chia ming lee
oopss..2020 & 2021 cant differentiate...
1 week · translate
Wat Kah Keng's calculation is equally clear n nice too. Thanks
1 month · translate
Oh wow, thanks. Good knowledge learnt from u all. Will better take cash if no 5700 units or 57 lots.
Alan Tan, nice calculation, tks.
1 month · translate
Wat, im new too..kindly enlighten me.
if I have 1000units and choose DRS, how many extra units I will get under the plan?

also the DRS price is RM7.68 instead of RM6.78 in your earlier comment, isnt it?
1 month · translate
近年来都亏钱,negative figure的annual net income,你们买得下手?是speculate还是看到公司competitive advantage?
5 months · translate
but i dont think they need shares buyback as of now.
1 year · translate
why 2.7 ? hahhaa
1 year · translate
hahaha. okok
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