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2 weeks · translate
姑且等等Serbadk hire的independent review后看看吧
2 weeks · translate
Max Lin - Yes I trust what u said. Obviously those who are scolding the stock, are those who bought. If one doesnt own it, one doesnt even bother to scold.
Wilson Goh - Probably when one is scolding this kind of stock "useless" or "rubbish", they themselves are... This kind of stock, only worth shorting and not long.
4 weeks · translate
May I know how long have u all been holding this stock? If for many years, then I have nothing to say.
If just for months, what make you all think this stock is worth buying in the first place, considering it has been suffering losses for past many years??? Because its absolute value is cheap enough?? If you buy for goreng purpose, then dont blame the stock rubbish, this is your risk.
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哦 谢谢哦 warren大师
2 months · translate
哈哈哈哈 厉害带风。
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@Philip Chin
Dec2021 is only 9 months from now, worth the wait
3 months · translate
@Tan Jia Lee
Hi bro, I appreciate your analysis. As I'm not as familiar in REIT sector, would u mind to share which REIT is currently doing better and prominently?
3 months · translate
0.5lot if not mistaken will be odd lot, lower price if wan to sell, compared to board lot.
anyone can correct me if i am wrong
3 months · translate
already annouced guys..16 Feb 2021
4 months · translate
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