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No... not under sunreit
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Good move.
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Data center got use sticker ?? haha
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may I know what is the meaning of DC
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I only can say not at bottom just back to normal with current revenue. but not at sky. remember share price always move in front. so at this level is still safe. but my price is at 0.7++ range, so still can hold and wait to see.. wait for coming dividend payout first should have 3 cents.
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Mass production for both customers is scheduled to start in Oct 2024, and the combined annual revenue contribution is estimated at MYR140m. On top of this, we understand that the company is in talks with several other potential customers and more job wins could materialise before the commencement of Plant 5 operations in Oct 2024.
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having recently on-boarded an American-based customer after securing a Europeanbased one earlier this year. Financial contributions are not expected to be meaningful this financial year as mass production is only anticipated to commence in October (half-year impact, on FY basis). We gather cumulative order flows (on annual basis) from these 2 new customers amount to about 6%-7% of current revenue.
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read analysis report, is mentioned inside.
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this is not hope la, is already happened. they have secure 2 news customers, and mass production estimate start Oct 2024. estimated contribute 140m revenue per year.
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compared to VS, PIE, price still low for skpres
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