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When others are chasing 'the stock', it is the time to 'cash out'. FEAR when others GREED

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Last squeeze before strike?
1 week · translate
After shares diluted with RI. Now the time for warrant holders to dilute their rights, about 76m(?) remaining. What I can say is that at least 3 months to know the direction of this stock.
1 month · translate
Punters will only notice when it's too late to let go, and become an investor.
1 month · translate
Distribution was done yesterday, anyone punt will stay big time
1 month · translate
Sneak peek, check their LinkedIn page latest post regarding solar.
1 month · translate
Tq @Mat tolong screenshot, hahaha
2 months · translate
You can always check in @Joseph, BUT at higher price.
2 months · translate
Should be stabilising around 140 prior to cont upward movement.
2 months · translate
There is no way you can sell, unless the company submit their Annual Report
2 months · translate
tunggu warrant expired dulu la
2 months · translate
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