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When others are chasing 'the stock', it is the time to 'cash out'. FEAR when others GREED

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Pernah dgr averaging x? That's why tulis collect slow2, gelojoh nak gi mana
1 month · translate
Jangan lupa collect, slowly ya
1 month · translate
Hi, almost broke the resistance. Hopefully tmrw huat huat
4 months · translate
sma200 is the current support, pls made due diligence prior to buy in
5 months · translate
Congrats, long way to go
5 months · translate
Selling pressure looks depleted
6 months · translate
@Vincent, gi collect tu
6 months · translate
Esok candle penentu
6 months · translate
@John, you should take a look at 22 Mar trading details, there's an attempt to sell down on the news but it was a failure and thus the stock still intact.
@Andreew, nice bro
6 months · translate
Don't forget to accumulate this gem
6 months · translate
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