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When others are chasing 'the stock', it is the time to 'cash out'. FEAR when others GREED

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Might revisit sma200
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Kalu berbaloi, tunggu lama pun xpe Abe. haha
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QR is good in regards to circumstances during pandemic. Based on historical records of QR, it definitely have shown significant 'rebound' profit-wise. Should be sometime this year to break the 10-year-high of 50¢.
3 weeks · translate
aiseh, QR jahanam. laosai lo
3 weeks · translate
0.325 is a good bargain price, historical dividend is not that decent with some years of undeclared dividend. Let's just say it highly unlikely for this Q.
3 weeks · translate
Nice closing, looking forward to tomorrow.
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Everyone is waiting for the QR, 60¢ is enough I suppose.
3 weeks · translate
Final press to squeeze retailers
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Take a spot before flying
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Parking free, simpan lama boleh untung
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