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我炒股是肯定不会亏的,因为我有风险对冲,我把9成身家买了股票,剩下1成买人寿包险,股票大涨我就大赚,股票大跌我就跳楼,赔率1:500, 怎样我都赚,因为我有一个好心态。哈哈哈哈哈

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3 months · translate
this kind qr plus 2 sens dividend, still drop..... really no comment.... net cash, PE less than 10 some more..... headache....
4 months · translate
should be price around 1.7 liao..... maybe when oil price drop only can go back 2.0?
4 months · translate
it depend the 7 or 9 member voting, for me is not wise choice to follow US increase rate, weaker rm good for net export country like msia. may create more jobs ?it cushion import factor ? increase interest rate, most Malaysian don't like wor.... going election le....
4 months · translate
bnm got hint may not allow US increase interest rate, as Malaysia not yet ready... and inflation rate is not so high as compared to other counties.
4 months · translate
hope can go back RM
4 months · translate
bro I didn't buy la.... now ard 0.21.... that time u told me was around 0.15 something only.... TT
5 months · translate
let's limit up 2ml? lol
6 months · translate
looks like wanna limit up in soon time?? lol
6 months · translate
Smart.... now 2.90 ...... hahaha
7 months · translate
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