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Er Xian

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Joined Jul 2018


Happy CNY guys
2 days · translate
Epf daily routine: dump, block, repeat
3 days · translate
Break new high for CNY
4 days · translate
Mata roadblock
6 days · translate
Wa hold for 6 month, u buy between 2.8-3? Hahaha
1 week · translate
Guest today epf dispose also, everytime drb move up abit epf sure sell one
1 week · translate
Hong leong IB covered tp 0.70
1 week · translate
Funny Public invest, upgraded to outperform with unchanged tp 2.80
2 weeks · translate
Seems like aiming to break new high, Happy CNY and Gong Xi Fa Chai everyone
3 weeks · translate
In accounting law, subsidiary's revenue must fully record into mother company's income statement, then only separate profit, thats why drb have low profit margin
3 weeks · translate
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