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Er Xian

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If proton 100% owned by drb then maybe listing is possible,but right now if proton go listed then drb holding will be diluted to lesser than 50% and foreign company might start acquire ,I remember I read from somewhere that said if an automotive company didnt 50% own by local, then it didnt fulfill the "local car" definition in Malaysia
17 hours · translate
yutaka u not bearish on drb one meh? hahaha
1 day · translate
2 days · translate
Stock market is fun fair for big shark
2 days · translate
Many little star for past few days
2 days · translate
Up abit then press down
2 days · translate
Later i call gobind singh ask
2 days · translate
Looks like war between bear and bull, me the ikan bilis just sit and watch
2 days · translate
What happen today
2 days · translate
Tekan few sen then sapu balik lol
1 week · translate
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