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30 / 35 sen
2 months · translate
Good is ppl no play. Only operator know howto play ppl :)
2 months · translate
@Ruby Ng

Yes. You are rite. Coming good news this month =)
2 months · translate
Buy aja.. =) nanti clear all @8c
3 months · translate
Cita offer hands T.O Reneu.
Wait and see 20 to 50 sen
3 months · translate
Got xxx coming if not wont get this award loh
20c wait and see
3 months · translate
Lets kaboom =)
3 months · translate
Need to break 6.5 and turn as support.
Then will change the views later.
Open to clean up 6c seller later.
3 months · translate
Director sold he/she. You can’t think 1 reason only. Going to die? Or
All his money?he dont want take a risks. Just left his real funds to gamble. Or many reasons. Don’t think only about to sink. We see on Tuesday and lets price talk.
3 months · translate
Independent review finds transactions are supported by relevant documentation, confirmed by respective parties.

Tuesday gap up and start biz =)
3 months · translate
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