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hope reach 1.60 ..and if higher maybe bonus issue .Happened few days back when price was 2.20.current NTA is 1.67
2 months · translate
our education system does not promote critical thinking and social networking..Score most A is good and dont mix with other races
.lack interaction
3 months · translate
lack integrity.when you are so rich.there must be proper business ecthics. Loss our respect.
3 months · translate
nothimg being done to enhance value.Too rich CEO to bother about this Compsmy .just taking salary
4 months · translate
stupid ..if he is not well versed in handling property and cash .why should be CEO in the first place.
7 months · translate
this cout
ner dont move up...
7 months · translate
How about Unimech ? a better dividend yield.
7 months · translate
Hope GLC get better managed by Right ..really Right
business people. with know -how.now many afraid of GLC stocks
9 months · translate
very unattractive for last few years.better manage my own
10 months · translate
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