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On the Australian hotel portfolio, we have seen an improvement in average occupancy and average daily rates since 2QFY22.

Notably, its 2QFY23 average daily rate has reached its historical high at A$311 vs. pre-Covid (2019) level of A$271.

Meanwhile, its 2QFY23 average occupancy rate of 76% was still lower than the pre-Covid level of 85%
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Lai ah…. Cheong ah… We know you can do it… Your record is 1.94…
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And it’s all happened within 16 minutes. Knn
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Kamsiah che che
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Hope for a delighted dividend..
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Yes, semiannual payment. I’m talking about 3rd & 4th Q. The Aussie hotels are performing quite well after reopening of international borders.
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Sui Sui boh chow chooi… Based on the current trend performance, the next (2 quarters) dividend will be at least 3.5 sen..
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Finally after a long wait, today Thursday is D day
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See peh Sui… 5 sen dividends!
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Today is D day!!!
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