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@ Mohd Razif, I don't think so PM will command total lockdown. Duit xde dah. Mana nak cekau. As if total lockdown initiate, bangkrap la jadi ya.
2 months · translate
Glove follow number of cases. For fast trade okay.
2 months · translate
My tp already achieve Maxplus. Try do some homework. See my previous comment.
2 months · translate
@adzili, tp 1 27-28, TP 2 29-30. tengok esk. Hr ni dia close 28sen. TP1 dah achieve
2 months · translate
@kashveen, yes. Now HH is 0.27. @Mr Maxplus, you need to do your homework. Goodluck
2 months · translate
I don't think itronic will go to 20cent. . Most likely technical rebound area 23.5-24.5 first.
2 months · translate
Lol, buy so high. I bought 1.025. Dont chase high price. Learn TA bro. Find good sifu to teach you.
4 months · translate
@stop, find good sifu. I give you 3 good sifu, affendi ismail, haji 7171 and nelly samsuddin.. Find them in telegram. Hope this can guide you.
4 months · translate
Buy low sell high.. Not buy high and don't know how to read the chart. Most of you buy without think where is the chart momentum. Learn TA bro. Don't hantam. LKL is bottom right now. It's a good time to buy it. Please learn TA. Find good sifu to teach you gais.
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Stdy dulu baru entry.. Jgn sudah byk loss baru cut.
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