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Zaki Zaili

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Joined Aug 2018


Yes. What happen. Completely forgotten about this counter.
1 month · translate
True to that. Less profit but still have profit. Still dont think price will go up soon. Fundamental still good.
5 months · translate
Its going to rebound soon.
6 months · translate
Has been sleeping for quite some time.
7 months · translate
Yes. Naik lagi.
7 months · translate
Very high volume recently. Any news?
7 months · translate
Resistant to go above 3.1
8 months · translate
True to that.
8 months · translate
Not so good financial report, the price going uptrend. Weird.

Then today price drop. A lot of people selling. It will go down I think.
8 months · translate
Its cheap and its started moving
9 months · translate
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