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Never fight against market, these two weeks candles do not look so good, overall is going to form downtrend, buying power is weak
6 months · translate
When you think you can predict the market, you’re going to help others earn money
6 months · translate
kpmg resigned是準備要和屎粑打官司 假如他還在做external auditor就會有conflict of interest
7 months · translate
bryan, any sharing about its business model? thanks in advance
7 months · translate
There’s no racist issue in this platform, you can ask in your mother language, we will answer you as well there’s no problem there, your problem is asking the sun to stop shining just for yourself. I’m just against this uncle’s mental not other Malay friends here. Hope everyone here can gain profit from their investment, cheers
7 months · translate
If you don’t know something go find the meaning, this is your own problem don’t blame others, even primary school student will search google for answer, kesian ni uncle
7 months · translate
market always right
8 months · translate
美国房地产大卖 本地出口家私订单接到手软吗?
9 months · translate
我先家的看法 昨天的红蜡烛长尾巴 不太好看 类似是有阻力可能会下来休息 纯粹分析看法 没有买卖建议
10 months · translate
I offer you 0.50 cent per share want ?
10 months · translate
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