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If Sampai 1.50, I dah all in and pinjam duit sekali
1 month · translate
Me too, wait for market crashing. That time I’ll buy in and wait for recovery. It seem haven’t start yet
1 month · translate
I think the worst haven’t come yet. Boleh masuk sikit dulu
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3 months · translate
Last minute turn green? Another counters in red? Good new ahead?
3 months · translate
Should be la. And going up quietly. Just hope this time was solid enough to stand firm 1.50
4 months · translate
Sabar la, warrant akan exercise price kat RM4. Jgn bagi org lain untungkan chance ini
9 months · translate
Morning dato, good to see you again, let push to rm4
9 months · translate
Already broke RM4 to highest for morning are RM4.02, hopefully can stand firm at RM4 or above 4
9 months · translate
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