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Wow,penny n Alex you guys are active trader wor. Bring me along can? But I’m semi-active trader and I can make own self decision, most importantly I won’t blame ppl when making losses
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Pelik, anak hijau tapi emak merah. Could be another green for tomorrow?
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Big pull up last week, hence several indicators shown “overbought ”, so investors sold his share lor and then wait till “oversold” or neutral this it will marching upward again
3 weeks · translate
From the chart, it seem like this hence take advantage from the correction
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As long as it stand firm RM3.90 consider uptrend, then it should charge toward RM4
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Luckily Malaysia wasn’t much affected and frontken still showing upward movement
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As long as it stand above 3.60 then it’s uptrend movement ahead!! Anyway some ppl could bring it down due to previous weekly many big boys came in
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Dah capai 500% profit, rezeki murah kawan2 sekalian
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Wakakaka, aku dpt free, sbb i beli mother share and frontken kasih FOC kepada saya, Kira kira pun dah 400% ++
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