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Has u all receive any email regarding the DRP?
2 hours · translate
ok. sorry. didn't see
3 days · translate
harta market Capt lower than TG d
3 days · translate
habis liao la. dividend also didn't give
4 days · translate
sienzz..didn't get it
4 days · translate
agmo ipo oversubscribed by 120 times! MYEG huat lo this time
4 days · translate
still pending
4 days · translate
马来西亚人对反对党的无能和政治的疲累你,你还feel不到吗? 要稳定不要乱
4 days · translate
u guys still can't see the magic behind? in these few months someone purposely tekan the price low so that the dividend reinvest price will be lower. they want to subscribe in a much lower price. then here come PRU. and u know what happen next...happy investing...hehehe
4 days · translate
TP 640sen! huat
5 days · translate
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