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What is the dividend payout ratio?
14 hours · translate
Hahahahaha.. Klse drop 20pts but myeg close green
1 day · translate
Will drop till 40sen?
1 day · translate
That means IGB Bhd shareholders will be paying RM2 for five units of IGBCR, representing 40 sen each, nearly a 44% discount over the institutional price of 71 sen. 
1 day · translate
60sen coming. End of Oct 21
2 days · translate
Coz i done some research tnb kena windfall tax in 2008. But tnb this 2 years business memang already affected alot. So logically they won't kena windfall tax. Thats y I can't find any reason why suddenly drop so much.
4 days · translate
Don't tell me tnb will kena windfall tax?
4 days · translate
No volume?
1 week · translate
Sohai. Drop what like hell? Hahahaha.. Now is 1.93 before BI
1 week · translate
Huat huat huat!!!
1 week · translate
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