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getting cheaper day by day. Market is not performing due to inflation and recession
5 days · translate
telorkop. a pennycstock again. bad times of inflation and recession
5 days · translate
kalau operator goreng, esok saya kejar beli
1 week · translate
follow the operators. presence of selling pressure, we sell. when buying signal surfacing, we follow
3 weeks · translate
selling by operators were at a broadscale
4 weeks · translate
why it is going down?
1 month · translate
how it was broken
1 month · translate
with bonus issue & dividend, operators want others to hold or buy, while operators dispose. Just be cautious if want to collect. I skip this counter
1 month · translate
bonus issue is no big deal. After X, price is adjusted. Nothing to be happy about
1 month · translate
Dividend payout not well received
1 month · translate
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