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$ALAQAR - Pureplay Healthcare REIT; a Defensive Play Amid Market Volatility

Hi stockbitors! This Thursday, 25/3/2021 @8.30pm, we will be joined / host Mr Wan Azman, ED & CEO of AL AQAR on a fb / youtube live!

Al Aqar is a pureplay Healthcare REIT with long term master lease arrangement backed by KPJ Group - largest hospital operator in Malaysia..

Al Aqar's Portfolio value had tripled from IPO days to RM1.57b, with more growth on the horizon in the next 5 years supported by KPJ Group expansion. Al Aqar also had been dishing out consistent DPU Payout, at an average of 7.7c per annum pre Covid19...

Recovery in Hospital Activities has been encouraging, with pent up demand for medical treatments back on the cards...

With a low interest rate environment and a choppy market condition, AL AQAR can be a defensive fort in your portfolio!

This will be streamed LIVE in Stockbit FB/Youtube Channel:

Jot down your questions and discuss ALAQAR:
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$PESTECH - A Regional Powerhouse with an "Electrifying" Future.

Hi everyone! This Tuesday, 16/3/2021 @ 8.30pm, we have the privilege to interview and host Mr Paul Lim, the MD of PESTECH!

Backed by an outstanding orderbook of RM 2.2billion. Pestech is a relatively low profile (thus potential gem?) integrated electrical power technology company who has a strong footprint in the ASEAN region.

Pestech also own several concession assets (which include a large scale solar farm in Cambodia) which will give recurring cash flow generation in years to come.

ESG initiatives by the likes of EV chargers and microgrid solution is a part of their business and could churn into a long term innovative product or service and new ventures of the future.

This will be streamed LIVE in Stockbit Malaysia's FB and YOUTUBE channel.

Don't miss it!
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Go to stockbit, type nihsin.. it’s free.

explained what happen in 4/2/21 from why mother share price drop, why warrant price went up, about sharebuyback, about excess PA, about calculation of WB adjusted exercise price, about Theoretical price of PR and so on.
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One of the most stable, profitable and best yielding stock in Malaysia tech manufacturing sector, trading at one of the lowest valuation vs it’s peers at 14x PE.

There’s a good discussion in stockbit about this company. Suggest to check it out.
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Depending what price is ur entry price to mother share, find ur theoretical break even price. If u buy at 27c, ur theoretical break even price is 18c. Seeing the share buyback today, that level is well supported.

Go to stockbit for discussion on nihsin rcps play
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Wb conversion will adjust to 5c on Monday. Full explanation & discussion can be found in stockbit.
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Rcps, ppl sell off post ex date. Go to stockbit to understand in full
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