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Jeff Wong

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Fear will make market lose it's mind. No body care fundamental good or bad when fear overcome ppl mind
5 months · translate
Only goh nan yang ceased, right? It via omega riang hold around 11%. Goh nan kioh have deemed interest of 36%
6 months · translate
Oops... It now seem like going toward 1.63
7 months · translate
How to c is a trap ya ?
9 months · translate
Remus, good question. I am not sure what is the deal between the directors so dunno why he buy the shares from another. But if the director dint sell the shares then his shareholding will larger than johortin founder.
10 months · translate
Somemore after acquired, he sell some portion of the shares to market with RM 1.4, buy high sell Low? Sound logic ?
10 months · translate
If you follow up the news then you will c one of the director is resigned. Another fellow director using rm1.56 buy some portion from resigned director. Is it a bad sign?
10 months · translate
Wa...你果然是johortin die hard 粉丝
11 months · translate
QoQ : 的确是下滑了,为什么呢?报告有写
YoY: 变好了
11 months · translate
Good side: it able to survive and get market share slowly
Bad side: The economic uncertainties may create some short term impact to their TOP and bottom lines
11 months · translate
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