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Wann White

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Joined Oct 2018


run run run
2 days · translate
fundamentally the earning comparison is between same quarter indicator.. meaning.. 1st q this yr with 1st q last yr.. and so on..
4 days · translate
buy half sell half buy half self half.. iron condor
1 week · translate
ready for january goreng
2 weeks · translate
bkn jual. tu kita panggil price adjustment.. duit pelabur tak hilang.. cuma dibyr blk dlm bentuk dividen. klu dah jual on or after ex date.. nnt akan dpt dividen tu blk during paydate
3 weeks · translate
cheap counter best dividen..
3 weeks · translate
Hanging man candlestick formed at uptrend
1 month · translate
prg & widad will stanby to fly here
1 month · translate
buy on t+2
1 month · translate
rugi counter people also like.
3 months · translate
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