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Mr Ong Ti Chiang

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Joined Nov 2018


the regulator also,I scratch your back,u scratch my back.i help u,u help me
1 day · translate
when going to list,they show their impressive paper,made money.once listed, every year loose money.those orang kaparat, with impressive,coat and tie know how to bluff to fill their pocket only
1 day · translate
reduce 18%, extended 20 years,people not happy.How about reduce by 90% and extended by 100 years,all will b happy
1 day · translate
question is, will anyone buy?
1 day · translate
this exercise , benefit the share holder or the orang kaparat,wearing coat and tie,look very smart
2 days · translate
can anyone explain what is happening
3 days · translate
if it need to b sold,it should b solely sold to Epf,as a first choice,and no others
1 week · translate
better thwart the activities of the snatch theive
1 week · translate
yes,built toilet like,but smaller.pay 30¢to go in and smokes to show authority do care
2 weeks · translate
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