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Low salary,why stay? Go find better paying job.Look at the numbers working in Singapore
3 months · translate
The first u have to do is,at all cost, prevent the foreigners,pati, refugees from enjoying all subsidy B4 withdrawing subsidy from citizen
4 months · translate
Why can't u mention to prevent foreigners from enjoying subsidy
8 months · translate
I think better apply to bursa to allow to press down to,one day 1/4 cent
and,one day 1/2 cent,more intresting
10 months · translate
Larangkan warga asing subsidi lagi adil.Sekarang pelarian pun enjoy subsidi.Kedai runcot warga asing pun jual barang subsidi,beras,gas,tepung pada warga mereka
12 months · translate
Potong gaji gabenor supaya tak beban raayat.Saya tahu ini statement bodoh
1 year · translate
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