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A month already still no update or progress.. dooms already??
1 week · translate
Still in the money..
So when can we get latest news on their negotiations.
3 weeks · translate
Die soon??
3 weeks · translate
Bought at 17cents. Test water with spare cash to average down if needed.

Will ready to cut loss if drop much more haha
1 month · translate
Is it still worth to get in?
Current price seems interesting, with (other than 8 Conlay), their outstanding order book still have for Park Regent at Desa ParkCity, Perla Ara Sentral in Ara Damansara, Hyatt Centric Hotel in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
1 month · translate
The moment he said his no backup statement, Wong go south. He’s the culprit lol.
1 month · translate
Well only time will tell. With global heading a crash, they better do it fast, cause later only fear will dominate any market.
1 month · translate
Why accumulate at 45 when can buy now cheaper and getting cheaper?
1 month · translate
Cannot run caused no one want it now haha
2 months · translate
Very bumpy ride la this one.
2 months · translate
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