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Buy low sell high. Red is chance, green is profit. Youngest near billionaire in Malaysia.

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Lol just a process to show transparency. No choice or rakyat will say more thing about this
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True hahahah. I don't know other companies that can provide IC to us. Dsonic is top 1 in Malaysia
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Dsonic actually won 2 open tender. this show how strong the company is. NIISE seems like will be in the bag for the
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Won 2 open tender in 2021 and 2022. This show how the company has changed from direct negotiation. Well done Dsonic
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355都来了,果然炒到50仙是one day show
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This company is in too many scandals right now, too bad ppl still wants to believe this company can fly until rm 1 lollll
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0.095 aldy. 0.05 not a dream lol
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