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makan biscuits la
2 days · translate
In you dream! 26/7 egm to vote for share consolidation. conned?
4 days · translate
all glove retrace today but this one still cheap comparatively. It is new warrant and just break 52w. thats why it is still in momentum. refe to 5m is safer to trade. not much candle on bigger tf
5 days · translate
consolidate, then right issue+ warrant, then pp ---> scam counter. whole company is macau scam. whole managements are gangsters.
5 days · translate
this counter still in lala land a year and half after covid 19.
1 week · translate
many must be crying < °^° >
1 week · translate
UMS SGX VS UMS BURSA. What a vast difference! I invested in UMS SGX since 2007 @40c and initially also thought they are the same company. Dont get mixed up. they are not the same.
2 weeks · translate
stupid mgmt doesnt know what their doing
2 weeks · translate
rightfully when all the glove factories in Selangor are shutdown that will tremendously cutdown worldwide supply, thus drives up price since the demand is high with the emergence of covid variants. Will market follow this rule?
2 weeks · translate
just search 'covid 19 vaccination deaths indonesia' and you know what happened there.
2 weeks · translate
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