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Yes , it is going to be very solid news released soon
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5G gonna consume a lot of fibre optic, keep for some time... wii give you a very handsome return later.
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Thanks brother
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15% - 20% return within a mth should not be a big problem at this pricing !
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Aimflex - Long term investment
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No buyer at all where still have a month to maturity
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Learnt a lesson,I won't buy call warrant issued by Ambank anymore, they don't really follow price matrix to mother share at all. !! Be careful fellow investors!!
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Very good QR I think!
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Forwarded from VIP investor ,
Something similar to Greatech

Aimflex - five stars company
1. Technology company with pe ratio 40 and dividend company ⭐
2. Good experienced boss with his proven result in Serbadk ⭐
3. Cash rich company⭐
4. Profit making and growing. Significant growth of 637% in Q4 last quarter ⭐
5. Good prospect - company aims to explore new business opportunities for its automation business segment in various industries such as oil & gas, telecommunications, agriculture, automation, and other related industries to continuous bolster its business prospects. Existing major MNC and EMS customers are expanding and investing big in automation ⭐
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