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Guys I’m not trying to insult or mock any of you here, because I know volatility is unavoidable in every counter. But today someone just hide like a tortoise again hahahahaha. Just a tortoise being tortoise, pathetic.
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Just for illustration, when I asked you guys to throw this, even DONALD TRUMP WAS STILL THE PRESIDENT! you fool xD (last day as the POTUS) but it’s ok, enough argument with stupid.
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2nd time they also retrace back to 0.275 on 5 of March, both time you didn’t buy back that’s your problem. But smart trader would always know buy low, sell high. Perhaps stupid like you only hold for 3 months just for that 16% LoL
2 days · translate
Hey loser, go check the price on 19 of January, the price was stood at highest 0.34, and then they retrace to 0.265(lowest) on 10 of Feb, it was a -20%.
2 days · translate
See guys, John Cena becomes The Rock when the price up 6%, but hide inside like a coward even when the price fall for merely 1% yesterday (come on, we are all rational traders/investors unlike you). Now he starts cursing people hahaha. Loser in real life for sure.
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Of course I’m alive, I just had a chat with your momma last night. Your mom won’t be talking to a dead body right? Unless your momma.... Hmmmmm
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Hahaha, the joker is back. This Loser3d always hide like tortoise when the price is declining. Now up 4% come out like The Rock. Most of the time this fellow become John Cena, “you can’t see me!” Hahahaha
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Bee Chai帮忙赶客吧,神烦啊
1 week · translate
Yea just started, told you guys this is a scammer
1 month · translate
Hide like a coward for 17 days, where is your Limit Up???
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