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kful ur wish may come true oh lol
4 hours · translate
too fast can't get. months months ago I said 8c range kena scold haha
6 hours · translate
ok 8c can start lookclookc
7 hours · translate
Ive got the numbers. soon XD
Yesterday · translate
eh deleted comment pulak tu.. but username can delete sekali x?
5 days · translate
I heard many things also... heard Biden n Din2 kiss too.. mcm2 ek
1 week · translate
no heard la.. don act pro heard here heard there. 27th that time around there is where u get ur RI if u sub. no heard la.. konon :)
1 week · translate
I parking popcorn here first.
1 week · translate
wah still got drama !
1 week · translate
big show = up 6 bids only ? mau makan apa ohhh brother ?? u think syndicate enough makan ?? these are words of ppl stuck at high floors jek. lol
1 week · translate
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