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Tay Tze Sen

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yi heng. 果然有道理。。
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Nick. 你不要小看shirly teo 的第六感。。哈哈
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Nick. correct. Gov payment sometime slow but definitely garuantee will have the money. But I think they need more cash to standby, say at least around 150m. Some project I deal with government, they won't start to pay until contractor has finish around 40%. And this is the time contractor need to payout from their own pocket 1st. Or else the project propress will be start to slow..
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我认识几个没有上市的承包商。一年拿的工程大概都有200m~400m. 然后他们的公司户口都有至少100m 左右的现金了。。
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vizione said the proceeds from the proposed pp will be used to part finance the group existing construction project as well as for payment of tender/contract deposites and or performance bond for new projects. 给你们一点info,payment to tender 通常不多钱1~2万。performance bond 是5%of total project contract cost,是要提交出去. 不过如果工程日期完成 5%是可以收回的。
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Warren. 我是在建筑行业的。我认为53m现金对一个建筑上市公司来说,简直是九牛一毛。帮助是微乎其微。金额太小了,没什么用处。。
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