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0.70 is my buy target too ?
3 weeks · translate
I entered at 4.45 same like you Tham
3 weeks · translate
5.0 coming soon 5.3 next target
3 weeks · translate
buyer in control on DNEX chart, why sell?
3 months · translate
What's the latest update? suddenly jump 10 sen after the break
3 months · translate
"if you can't hold you won't be rich" - DNEX
4 months · translate
Hopefully the volumes keep increasing today. Does anyone know what will the QR result for March will be? we are seeing spike in Censor as well, hopefully something good happen to Dnex as well
4 months · translate
Buyer in control for Dnex, get ready your popcorn tomorrow morning. Every 2 weeks we keep getting news after news, enjoy the ride guys
5 months · translate
if Emma here.. I'm not scared lar
6 months · translate
have you guys get the bonus issues?
6 months · translate
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