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Victor Cheah

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Joined Jan 2019


this stock is used to goreng..i also leave this counter when the qr release and cant pump up even the qr is good..i loss 1.3k and cut lose..consider breakeven if count the previous earning..
now the mr au or liew also convert to mother share and sell if im not wrong..correct me if im wrong.
3 weeks · translate
b zai, just now saw the qr..really is red bomb..totally is surprising..
3 weeks · translate
sian, i prepare some money for bear..hopefully i wont use it..temporarily in fd now
3 weeks · translate
b zai & sian. i already focus 80% of my stock into dividend stock like mbb, pbb abmb, genm , genting & bauto..i think now already starting into bear market and tough market
3 weeks · translate
b zai, yalo. have some chit chat or else quite boring..sold all gcb n buy drb, bauto, abmb. proton aim 10% SEA market, i think they got chance to make it and hopefully also.
3 weeks · translate
b zai, u also buy in d? ha ha, i also wait nxt year proton x50 and aim for longterm abit. should be ok , slowly accumulate lo
3 weeks · translate
warren, 我2.62就买了。你那么就久才进。欢迎你到来。
3 weeks · translate
warren, 想问你对abmb有何看法?觉得可以捞底。哈哈
3 weeks · translate
tay, 今天我也进了drb 2.6。如果在跌就加码咯。还有进了少少bauto
4 weeks · translate
1 month · translate
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