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Shang Hong Lim

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Joined May 2016


how about astro movie production gain? box office good ma?
5 days · translate
unifi giving rm0 offer from oct to dec… will it a huge impact to profit?
3 weeks · translate
just waiting the result ~
2 months · translate
foreigner can buy house above 600k ah
3 months · translate
so, now can buy in again~
4 months · translate
wow, what happen today?
4 months · translate
finally start to rebound~
4 months · translate
tp是目标价,3是价钱,+是 和, bonus share是红利股
4 months · translate
5 months · translate
i realise that i wrote wrong~ i mean ex date, not entitlement date (31july)
6 months · translate
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