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Why bother doing buss if everytime making loss. Better tutop kedai, lousy mgt.
3 days · translate
Companies with financial year end 31 Dec must submit their result latest by end Feb. Mrcb must submit theirs by today or tmrw.
3 days · translate
Once Teoh stop selling, then only may consider to buy.
5 days · translate
1st time no div. Price will fall below 60 sen on Monday.
1 week · translate
Koyak la. 800 mil loss.
1 week · translate
Still want to call AGM. Audited ac sign already or not?
3 weeks · translate
Those who bought at 4 sen this morning, can take profit now @50%
3 weeks · translate
Funny, there are still people who que to buy.
3 weeks · translate
Result koyak lagi. Monday below 60 sen.
3 months · translate
Lousy management
8 months · translate
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