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soon 60 sen level go up a bit then 50 sen level before 45 sen level
2 weeks · translate
think it will move around range 0.20 to 0.225 for few months before hitting 0.25
3 weeks · translate
Dalam masa 1 tahun boleh turun 90% dari RM 1+ ke 11sen! Tak lama lagi maduk longkang!!!
4 months · translate
Even though FY22 profit surged 500x, it's share price remains low. Didn't even go back to it's previous price of 1.80 !If it's profit dropped, be rady for RM 1 or lower!
7 months · translate
Slowly but SURELY, it's heading to 0.01. Another rights issue or share consolidation? That's the only way the directors know to raise fund to pay their salaries and allowances and for capital expenditure instead of making the company profitable! Shareholders will soon lose all their money!
7 months · translate
hope it doesn't follow the path of perisai, an O&G counter that rose from RM 1+ to becoming penny stock and PN17, and now delisted! But the path is similar!
7 months · translate
As long as the political climate is unstable, with pas making political gains, toto & magnum will be in the doldrums, even though they remain profitable and give consistent dividends.
7 months · translate
In the midst of all this bad news, will the minorities of Boustead accept the 85.5 sen offer, or will they stay on with Boustead, thwarting LTAT’s privatisation plan?

LTAT chief executive officer Datuk Ahmad Nazim Abd Rahman is confident the privatisation of Boustead will go through, after which he can plan to start cleaning up the fund's key investment in the Boustead group.

Will the minority shareholders accept 0.855 or demand a higher price ? If the higher price demanded is not acceptable to LTAT, then the privatisation will fail and price will return to 60c level.
7 months · translate
You don't seem to understand. Read my statement again. I am just giving reasons why some ppl bought at 86c. I already bought n sold few times since 2 years ago. I stated that I sold all and did not want to take the risk!
7 months · translate
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