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Chong Lik Guo

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Joined Jan 2019


Welcome to APM Family
15 hours · translate
Coming leee
17 hours · translate
Candle shows going uptrend soon. But no volume...
2 days · translate
Sell POS and drb will fly high high
3 days · translate
I think can leh December many ppl buy things
3 days · translate
Everything down, this up 99. Goreng ag
3 days · translate
Oh shit... Like this close sure go down further
3 days · translate
不懂leh 我记得是Market Value会变,Nominal Value不会变。我是时候去study了ahahah
4 days · translate
ShareSplit目的是要让股价便宜让更多人进来, Nominal Value(Issued股价) 会减少,Dividend会根据Nominal Value给, 对ShareHolder没有影响,目的只是调整股票波动。

Bonus Issue是公司免费给的股票,Nominal Value不会动,Dividend还是根据Nominal Value给, 所以对ShareHolder更好。

4 days · translate
yaa they need for projects and shits. Need steady accumulate revenue. Sapura project value so big, but margin so little... Need time to imporve
4 days · translate
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