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Flood cause cars to breakdown, hence, more demand for cars in upcoming quarters?
Which car company would you choose?
Sprays DPIH?
New Furnitures, Furniture stocks?
More Infrastructure projects?

Anything else?

Any listed company that focus on car washing service? hahahah
4 weeks · translate
Thanks for the profit huehue, tonight eat rice add 1 more fried chicken
2 months · translate
Ahhh those shitcoins mainly, like Shiba and some
2 months · translate
Second round mou, lai real candle
2 months · translate
也对也对,参加IPO 有10次了,只有econframe和ecomate 有缘分哈哈
2 months · translate
Lol get dao 1k+ only hahahah
2 months · translate
Recently research too much crypto forgot still got bursa ahhahah
2 months · translate
Long time no touch study market liao, got idea mou
2 months · translate
Everytime come back see will heart pain ahahahah
2 months · translate
Beautiful xia huehe
2 months · translate
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